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About Us

“Ahiida” represent the following qualities;

Freedom – The freedom to choose to participate in any sporting activity. By providing suitable specialized sports wear, for the active Muslim female, that will give her the freedom to choose in either starting or to continue in any sporting activities and keeping active.

Easy – even though EASY is such a small word but plays a big part in woman's wear. It has to be easy to put on and take off the garment without the complications of pins or ties etc or we will not be encouraged to wear it. Easy to wash and dry to suit the today's lifestyle.

Comfort – Comfort in design and most importantly in fabrics used to make this sportswear comfortable. Every aspect of Ahiida®'s new, unique designs has been thought threw so that the person wearing it will not think of it, meaning it should be light in weight, no restrictions in movement and very modest with the correct coverage.

Fabrics play a big part to the finished product. We have found that using high performance innovative fabrics that have the flexibility, breath ability, moisture control and all the right ingredient that should work with the person's body temperature and skin not against it. In addition, using different techniques in the construction of the garment with the fabrics, will give the finished product extra modesty that will be greatly appreciated.

Confidence – The appearance of Muslim women in sport has always been a controversial topic that the world would like to know and talk about. When a Muslim woman is participating or competing at a national or international level, the first comments made about her concern Islam or the way she dresses.

All eyes are on the appearance of Muslim women in sports. Their appearance should be modest and at the same time it should reflect a professional sporty appearance with pride. By providing the appropriate clothing for the Muslim woman, who complies with religious, cultural and sports obligation, we are helping to bring out the best in Muslim woman, to prove that a Muslim woman is a role model to other women in the world, not an oppressed, no name, and no face being. With Ahiida® Swim and Sportswear, we can now compete with confidence.