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Aheda Zanetti – Inventor/Designer of BURQINI ®

In 2003, I Aheda Zanetti (Inventor/Designer of BURQINI ® – BURKINI ® Swimwear and HIJOOD ® Sportswear and Founder of Ahiida Swimwear)started my search for sporting garments suitable for Muslim women after watching my niece playing netball, wearing her Hijab and everything else in her wardrobe. My 1st thought was…She’s sooo happy and sooo hot!2nd thought…

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Bahrain’s Olympic runner to cut a dashing figure in Aussie Hijood

Bahrain’s Olympic short distance running champion, Ruqaya Al Ghasara will turn heads at her first Beijing race (200 metres Tuesday 19/8/08) stepping out in an Australian designed and manufactured body-covering top including themodern Hijab in accordance with Muslim tradition. Ms Al Ghasara, currently ranked number seven in the world, said that wearing the specially designed Hijood…