How to Measure Your Bust:

Wrap a measuring tape directly under your breasts. Make sure it’s directly parallel with the bottom of the bra band. Now measure your bust. Place the tape at the fullest part of your

How to Measure Your Waist:

Start at the top of your hip bone, then bring the tape measure all the way around your body, level with your belly button.

How to Measure Your Hip:

To measure your hips, remove your outer garments, put your feet together, and wrap a soft measuring tape straight and snug around the widest part of your hips. Your hip measurement is the point at which the end of the tape meets the remaining length.

How to Measure Your Swimwear Height:

Measure from the centre of your neck—at about the middle point of where a shirt collar’s height would be—out and around the elbow and down to the wrist.